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Little Book Front Cover

Little Book of Nonsense Verse
Paperback, 6 x 9 inches
147 + xvi pages
ISBN 978-0-9845604-0-0

Product ID: LBNV

Shipping weight: 10 oz

Little Book of Nonsense Verse

List $14.95
Web Special Price $12.95, 3 or more $11.95 each
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The owl, they say, has wisdom rare,
But I don't think it's true.
Owls never know why, when, or where
'Cause all they ask is "Who?"

Written for children of all ages from two to 102, the Little Book of Nonsense Verse will amuse you with its clever wordplay, outlandish situations, foolish characters, and crazy rhymes.  Its one main purpose is to make you laugh.  And laugh you will, through 160 verses that range from whimsical to zany to outrageous to just plain funny to, well, nonsensical.

Readers' comments about the Little Book of Nonsense Verse

From North Carolina:

My 9 year old son read this and said it makes no sense and is crazy but it made him laugh and even more so when we read parts of it together. It really is best for read-alouds and laughs with your kids.

From British Columbia:

Spotswood Stoddard clearly is full of nonsense and wit and he shares both very generously throughout the 193 verses included in this volume. The poems are of wide-ranging subjects, carefully constructed, delightful to read, and some have a very engaging subtlety. Mr Stoddard undoubtedly had a lot of fun composing these verses and his readers, of all ages, should thoroughly enjoy reading them. In his Preface, he recommends that his verses should be read aloud. I agree.

From Florida:

If you're familiar with Shel Silverstein's poems, these are better!

From Washington state:

I really like the Owl ditty.

Every copy of Little Book of Nonsense Verse purchased through this web site includes a complementary Zebra Little Nonsense bookmark.

Poor Captain McClapton was given to snoring.
It rattled the cups and the plates on the shelf.
It fluttered the curtains and loosened the flooring.
That's why the good Captain lives all by himself.

To see more excerpts from the Little Book of Nonsense Verse, click here (use the Look Inside feature).

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Mice Tea
Little Nonsense Greeting Card
4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches, A6 Envelope

Product ID: LNC-MT

Shipping Weights:
LNC-MT05 (5-pack) 4 oz
LNC-MT10 (10-pack) 7 oz
LNC-MT20 (20-pack) 13 oz

Mice Tea Little Nonsense Greeting Cards

List 5-pack $4.50, 10-pack $7.95, 20-pack $13.95
Web Special Price 5-pack $3.75, 10-pack $6.75, 20-pack $11.95
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This charming card introduces our Little Nonsense line of greeting cards.  Each card is of exceptional quality on heavy, acid-free, brilliant white card stock with a full-color glossy outside and a matte inside.  The inside has a verse from the Little Book of Nonsense Verse on the left and a blank page on the right for your brief message.

It makes a perfect card for a thank-you note, for a thinking-of-you message, for an informal invitation, for when you forgot someone's special day, or for any time you want to send a little more than an email and want to keep it light-hearted.

The verse will add a light tone to any message.  The single page for writing allows you to write that brief note you owe without rambling to fill up a lot of blank space.  Click here for more views.

If you need to write a longer message, that's covered too.  Every package includes a packet of PS Pages.  A PS Page is a small blank page of high-quality paper cut to the exact size to slip inside a Little Nonsense card.  PS Pages let you write as long a message as you want in this petite card.

For those of us who occasionally ruin an envelope (who doesn't?), extra envelopes are included in packages of ten and twenty cards.

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Little Nonsense Bookmark
2 x 6 inches

Product ID: LNB-ZB

Shipping Weight: 0.1 oz
(10 to the ounce)

Zebra Little Nonsense Bookmark

$0.50, 5 or more $0.40 each

The Zebra introduces our line of Little Nonsense bookmarks.  These bookmarks are made of extra-heavy, acid-free stock, very stiff and durable, with brilliantly colored offset printing.  The surface has a fingerprint-resistant matte finish with high-gloss UV highlights that make key elements, such as our friend The Zebra, practically leap off bookmark onto the pages of your book.  Be careful not to get your fingers trampled as you turn the pages.

For a larger view of the Zebra Little Nonsense bookmark, click the illustration at the left (use your browser's Back Arrow to return to this page).

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